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Home Repair Program

While our organization is best known for building new homes, we also partner with qualified homeowners to assist with a variety of projects from large-scale repairs to smaller-scale energy efficiency upgrades so homeowners can continue living in safe, decent, affordable homes for many years to come. 

Every family should have the opportunity to afford, maintain and preserve their home. Unfortunately, there are many situations that create barriers for families to keep up with repairs, including unexpected life events or loss of income. Habitat Lincoln partners with qualified families to provide necessary repairs to their homes.

Types of Repairs

The following repairs are offered to residents in Lancaster County:

  • HVAC maintenance check-up, including cleaning outdoor and indoor coils, blower wheel, and cooling/heating system operations check
  • Duct sealing
  • Duct cleaning
  • Furnace filter replacement
  • Wi-fi thermostat and installation
  • Dryer vent hood replacement
  • Bathroom exhaust fan repair or replacement
  • Refrigerator coil cleaning
  • LED bulbs and installation for primary use fixtures
  • Electric water heater replacement (13+ years)
  • Refrigerator replacement (14+ years)
  • Window air conditioning replacement (8+ years)
  • Central air conditioning replacement (16+ years)
  • Heat pump replacement (16+ years)
  • Electric furnace replacement (20+ years)
  • Building/Repairing ADA ramps
  • Grab bars, lever doorknob installation for accessibility
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Gas water heater replacement
  • Gas furnace replacement
  • Tree hazards


  • Weatherization
  • Siding replacement 
  • Any work on modular or mobile homes
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Building additions
  • Emergency repairs
  • Large structural repairs
  • Mold, asbestos, lead based paint abatement

Repair Partners


The repair program is not designed to meet emergency needs as it takes time to schedule and complete repair work. All repair loans are zero-interest and are paid back in full over the course of up to seven years. 

To qualify for the repair program: 

  • The home must be owner-occupied.
  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident.
  • Recommended household income is 80% or below area median income (AMI).
  • Applicant must demonstrate the ability to repay a Habitat loan with 0% interest.
  • Homeowner holds the title to the property with no tax liens.
  • Homeowner's insurance must be current or attainable. 
  • Needed repairs to the house fall within the Habitat program guidelines.
  • Willingness to partner with Habitat Lincoln.
  • Allow Habitat Lincoln to do a whole-house assessment.

Elderly, disabled, and veterans are strongly encouraged to fill out a pre-application. 

2023 Income Guidelines

Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Minimum $20,160 $23,040 $25,920 $28,770 $31,080 $233,390 $35,700 $37,980
Maximum $53,760 $61,440 $69,120 $76,720 $82,880 $89,040 $95,200 $101,280

Repair Pre-Application

If you are interested in learning more and participating in the home repair program, please complete the form below and our Program Manager will be in contact with you after reviewing your information. Selection will be based on Habitat Lincoln's preservation policy, selection process, and capacity. 

Do you own your home?
Is this your primary residence?
Do you own the lot the home is on?
Is your home a manufactured of mobile home? (We are not able to assist with repairs on manufactured or mobile homes.)
Do you have homeowners insurance?
Has Habitat Lincoln performed any repairs on this home in the last five-years?
Do you owe any property tax?

Habitat Lincoln is an Equal Housing Lender organization. Loan decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status.

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