New Office Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

Wall Raising- Saturday, February 11

Join us for a special wall raising ceremony at our new office location, 4516 Orchard Street (west of our ReStore) on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.

Suggested Parking: street parking or gravel area between the KIA dealership and the ReStore parking lot. Please do not park in the ReStore parking lot as they will be open for business. 

At our current location, we’ve outgrown the usable office space, making it hard to have private conversations with homeowners; the building needs technological updating that is very costly; and the warehouse areas are not conducive to efficient home building.

I want to assure you that no funds donated for the purpose of homebuilding are being used for the new office build. We sold our current building and will use those funds for the materials and subcontractors needed. The lot we are building on has been donated to Habitat Lincoln, and our construction crew has offered to volunteer extra time to build the office. Of course, we will include many of our partners and group volunteers if they would like to work on the office. Our mission remains the same: to build decent, affordable homes. We will be building the new office in addition to building Habitat homes this year.

We are excited for the opportunity the new office space allows to operate efficiently and effectively as a team. We also see the future possibilities of growing our impact, homeowner education and training, and ultimately serving more families in need of decent shelter.

More about the new office: 

  • The current Habitat Lincoln office location build has been sold. The lot we will be building on has been donated. The funds from the sale of the building will be used for the new office. No donated homebuilding funds will be used for the new office.  

  • The new office building is being constructed next to our Habitat ReStore (4630 Y Street).

  • The new office is safe, simple, and decent and mirrored to look similar to a Habitat home versus your typical business office.

  • It will be built by our regular construction crew and other volunteers. This will not interfere with building Habitat homes but does make for a very busy build season!  

How to Get Involved: 

There are many ways to get involved with the new office including volunteering on the constructions site, providing lunch to the construction crew, donating in-kind materials and services, or donating items from our wish list for the new facility.

  • Volunteering: Individuals and groups are encouraged to volunteer on the office build if a home build doesn't fit into their schedule. You can find volunteer waivers and safety orientation here. Please contact Christina at (402) 477-9184 to schedule your group. 

  • Lunch Provider: Click here to learn more about becoming a Lunch Provider. 

  • Donate In-Kind Materials and Services: Funds from the sale of the current office will be used for needed basic building materials and subcontracted work. In order for Habitat Lincoln to optimally serve the community, we've made a wish list below. All in-kind donations will receive a tax-donation receipt and be listed in our annual report. The saved costs from the office build will be put into the Habitat Fund that will continue to build and repair homes in Lancaster County. 

Wish List:

  • ADA compliant toilets (2) 

  • Bathroom grab bars (4)

  • Projector screen for board room (1)

  • Projector and equipment (1)

  • Break room table to fit six people (1)

  • Underground sprinklers

  • Lawn care/snow removal

  • Lighting 

  • Ceiling fans (7-8)

  • Dishwasher (1)

  • Refrigerator (1)

  • Outside signage

  • Office furniture

  • Lobby furniture

  • Flooring

  • All other building materials (windows, drywall, furnace, etc.) and subcontracted labor (electrical, HVAC, and plumbing) are welcomed

  • Find more at our Amazon Wish List

If you are interested in donating anything from the wishlist, please contact Christina at (402) 477-9184. 

We will continue to update this page as the office build progresses! 

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